About us

July 6, 2016

Our team has over 25 years experience in the tech industry, with specialties in software development, hardware development, and testing. We have a passion for wearables, mobile devices, and general health and wellbeing.

We see a lot of new devices and apps that collect data about you, and what you do, but we noticed that there wasn’t really anything to look at and understand all of this data. You can collect all of the data in the world, but if you can’t look at it and understand it, then it’s not much good to anyone.

We are creating tools to look at all of the data being collected about you and understanding what all that data means, so we can give you useful information and recommendations to help improve your life.

We are also working with research groups to help them tap into a wider range of participants for their clinical trials and medical studies. We want to enable better results, faster, to improve people’s lives.