Understand your data,
Understand You.

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You have an Apple Watch, a Fitbit, an iPhone, or an Android device. Each collects data about your vitals, behaviours, activities, and diet, every minute of every day; but the data stops there. What does that data say about you? Vitalitics consolidates all of your data into a Vital Profile and analyzes it to create meaningful, actionable recommendations that help you live each day as your best day!

Feeling sluggish?

Have you ever felt a mid-afternoon slow down, or felt like you struggle to keep your eyes open? There are many behaviors that lead to this feeling, including lack of sleep, minimal activity, and the foods you have eaten. Your Vital Profile allows Vitalitics to analyze your behavior and patterns to recommend the best actions to take to avoid this feeling. Vitalitics will even warn you when you start to exhibit behaviors that will lead to a down day.

How is your sleep?

Tracking your sleep cycle provides valuable health information including the best time to wake up and go to sleep so you feel well-rested and alert. But what keeps you from going to sleep And waking up at the optimal time? Your Vital Profile is used to determine the behaviours in your life that may be affecting your sleep cycle, and suggest lifestyle changes to optimize your sleep.

Are you anxious?

Feeling uneasy and unsure? There are many behaviours that reduce levels of anxiety and nervousness, but what works best for you? By answering simple questions every day, your Vital Profile evolves and allows Vitalitics to provide you with recommendations, based on your data, just for you. Weave them into your life and maximize your good days.

Didn’t run as fast today?

Not posting your best numbers during your run, bike, or swim? Do you have a dull ache or pain that is holding you back? Tracking your workout and exercise information enhances your Vital Profile allowing Vitalitics to recommend the exercises and activities to which your body responds best. Couple that with information about the food you eat, the sleep you take, information about your body composition, heart rate, blood pressure and pulse wave velocity and you get the recommendations that work for you and your body; all based on your data!

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